OSGEMEOS summer 2017

The Brazilian twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, better known as OSGEMEOS have spent quite some time decorating walls and trains in Europe last summer. We had the luck to photograph most of their work, including the authorized running! metro they’ve painted in Minsk, Belarus. Here is an overview:


Stockholm, Sweden

 In the Swedish capital the twins were invited to paint the side of a multistory building in Södermalm, a neighbourhood in the south of the city. The event was organized by All u see is crime in the city, highlights graffiti store, MTN colors distribution Sweden and curated by Graffitiförmedlingen. Notice that this is the first official mural since the 1970s due the zero tolerance towards graffiti in Stockholm.


-Munich, Germany

 ‘The former Siemens site became scene of an extraordinary art project sponsored by PAT ART LAB.’ We could read on the website of a leading German real estate group. With this initiative they believe art changes their perspectives and encourages them to explore new paths and develop creative solutions. Also invited on the scene were LOOMIT and DAIM from Germany, OKUDA from Spain, AXEL VOID from Miami and many more. The wall of Osgemeos is a collaboration with LOOMIT and Peter, another well respected German graffiti legend. The wall shows a train writer posing in front of his freshly painted piece on a ‘Nwagen’ , a German iconic but yet disappearing train model.



-Helsinki, Finland

 In Finland the twins have painted a space theme production together with local legend and good friend EGS. The location here was Banaa, a former freight train track but now pedestrian/cyclist passage right in the center of Helsinki that divides city a few meters down from street level. The 30m long wall has in memory of RISK and ASTRON details, two respected Finish writers that sadly passed away not that long ago.



-Tallinn, Estonia

While in Helsinki they were only 2 hours away from the Estonian capital Tallinn where the mural festival Mextonia was held, a collaboration between Mexico and Estonia. They decided to pay the festival a visit together with Mr. EGS and meet Martha Cooper, co-publisher of the legendary book Subway Art who was there documenting the happening. They painted some pieces with CESAR and EGS in the city’s hall of fame, located in a developing area behind Tallinn’s main train station.



-Minsk, Belarus

For the 4th year in a row Osgemeos participated at the VulicaBrasil festival, a collaboration between Brazil and Belarus showing graffiti artists of both countries. This year they got an agreement with the metro company to paint one subway carriage both sides that will run daily on the red line of Minsk metro and will be seen by thousands of passengers. We remember the same happened in Kiev, Ukraine where OKUDA from Spain was invited to paint a legal wholetrain on the metro. There the metro was also used in service, so maybe other former communist subway systems will follow. Next to the metro they’ve painted some throw-ups, a tagging character and an old tram that is not in use anymore and will stay permanent on the festival site. As far as we’ve heard there won’t be a 5th VulicaBrasil festival in 2018. 




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