Three generations AM75, better known as the ‘PIGGY’.

The Belgian railway company NMBS (in Dutch) or SNCB (in French) needed more passenger capacity during the 70s, so they decided to invest in 44 sets of a model that was later named after the year they started building it.  All the 44  ‘AM75’ sets were built by BRUGEOISE NIVELLES (BN) in Bruges, Belgium between the years 1975 and 1977 and got numbered 801-844.

In the beginning the 4 car long trains were mainly used around Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Ostend and later around Charleroi in the south of Belgium. Initially they came in grey and orange colors but that changed after the Belgian railway company decided to paint the whole rolling stock in wine red colors, somewhere late 70s. The first red version of the AM75 came in 1986 and the last train in grey and orange colors disappeared somewhere around the year 1989.


There has been a blue version, train nr. 808, that was holding a commercial for VTM (a Flemish TV channel) and was in service between the years 1991 and 1994.

As the train sets were getting older the Belgian railway company decided in 2009 to renovate a big part of them. The complete renovation of the first set took 5 years but slowly but certainly the third generation piggies is getting a regular sight on today’s Belgium railway network.


Most of the wine red sets are now stripped and waiting for their new white new color, so probably 2018 will be the very last year of wine red trains in the Kingdom trapped between Holland, France and Germany.

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